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I confirm I understand this form is to enter the "Essence of Edgewood" Town MURAL Contest
Current or Past Edgewood, NM Resident?
If you're selected to win, you can either paint the mural yourself, or you have arrangements to have someone to paint it for you
In submitting my mural design for this contest, I agree that it is a gift to the Town and will be on display publicly for an indefinite amount of time.
CONTEST RULES – ALL CONTESTS: Please keep your entries "family friendly" and positive. Contest is open to any age! Only one entry for each winning category per person or performer. Your entry must be about Edgewood NM. Capturing the "Essence of Edgewood" that residents will appreciate and understand. Your work must be original – please don't infringe on any copyrights. Thanks! TOWN SONG CONTEST: You must be able to perform the song if you win. So, you'll need a band, instruments, singer, etc. VOTING: Our residents will be able to vote in person at Town Hall and online. **Voting will be announced as open and a deadline will be given. NO HARRASSMENT/ABUSE ALLOWED: Any distasteful, harassing, abusive, hateful comments on entries will NOT be permitted. Anyone engaging in this poor behavior will be blocked.